As most team managers will be aware, it is a requirement of NSSA events for all adults who are accompanying teams to any of our events and staying overnight with the children to have had an enhanced DBS check, including of the Children’s Barred List. Adults who are supervising children but not staying with them overnight on the same campsite may not need to have a Barred List check if their supervision of the children is alongside someone who has had a Barred List check, though they will still need to have an Enhanced DBS check. This check will usually be done through your local association, centre or school group. Adults who are attending the regatta and helping with the running of the event (such as race officials and safety crew) are not supervising the children and so they don't need to have a DBS check, as long as they are not camping overnight with the children. If you are unsure which adults will need to have which checks you can contact the NSSA Safeguarding officer Jennie Conway for advice.




If you (and the adults who intend to come to the Regatta and stay on the campsite with the children) have had one of these checks in the last 3 years, then you can show it to your local association, centre or school safeguarding representative. The representative will then need to sign a declaration form that they are satisfied that all adults attending with the team have had the suitable checks done within the last 3 years. This form can be found as an appendix to the NSSA safeguarding policy, which is found under the policies tab of this website.


If someone is attending the Regatta to supervise your team and has not had an enhanced DBS check done within the last 3 years, then they will need to have one. This will need to be done through your local association, centre or school’s safeguarding representative, and is likely to be verified by the RYA as the registered body. This complete process can often take up to two months, so it is imperative that it is done with plenty of time to spare. It is advisable to start the DBS process as soon as possible as it does create a lot of work for the RYA who need to check each application.