This year, the NSSA is once again pleased to be able to offer a set of grants for local associations to allow them to run accessible "All-Girls Training". “All-Girls Training”, or “Girls-Only Training” is a scheme to encourage young girls to get into sailing at a county or local association level.


In this scheme, relaxed, informal training events, aimed at girls who have not yet attended an NSSA event, are run by local associations or county teams. The aim of this training is to allow these girls to gain confidence, meet other like-minded girls, and to allow the local association to form a relationship with these girls and their parents or guardians.

This project builds on research done in 2011 by Ellie Gaddes, and supported by the NSSA, into the relationship between sailing and female identity amongst young girls. This research proposed that female coaching staff could offer positive role models to young girls. Sailing as a sport is still dominated - particularly in the older age bands - by men. This means that while many young boys are frequently exposed to positive role models in the sailing world, young girls are less likely to see successful, competent, older female sailors that they can relate and look up to. Providing at least one female coach at “All-Girls Training”, particularly in a leadership or authoritative role, can offer the young girls involved a chance to see a strong, confident, female sailor. However, there is a relative scarcity of female coaches in some areas, and those that are available may be expensive to buy in for training.

As the manager of your team, we are inviting you to submit an application for a grant to offset some of the costs of running "All-Girls Training". It is intended that this money be used to keep the costs of the training as low as possible, thus ensuring it remains accessible to all. In particular, these grants will be awarded to local associations who can demonstrate that they will be using the money to offset the costs of hiring a female member of coaching staff to lead the event. Grants of between £50 and £100 will be awarded, depending on the needs of each local association.

Please note that if you are successful in receiving this grant, you will need to present evidence of its usage and information on the gender composition of your team in 2017 and 2018 to the General Committee in July 2018.

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