The NSSA Executive Committee is pleased to announce it has concluded the recruitment for this role and have appointed Stuart Jones to fill this role. Stuart will also continue in his role of Chair of the Sailing Committee.

As Development Officer, Stuart reports to the Executive Committee and will be responsible for helping to source funding for both the NSSA and local associations, helping build links with class associations and other youth organisations to promote the NSSA and increase participation at our events and help lead interactions with the national governing bodies to ensure the NSSA remains at the forefront of national developments.


As a starting point, the Executive Committee have asked Stuart to explore funding opportunities for both a 6 set of toppers, to help with the demand needed for the SHTR and provide counties with a readily available set of matched boats for training, and small rib which could be used at NSSA events and would also be available to counties as required. He will also be leading a consultation, to be run at the NYR, which will seek to source views from competitors, volunteers and team managers on both what the NSSA is doing well today and where the NSSA can improve to ensure it remains popular in the future.

Please join the Executive Committee in congratulating Stuart in his new role.