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For most people, the best way to get involved with the NSSA is to get a team together and come along to one of our events!


Most of our events require the young people to enter as part of a team. All the events have a residential and social aspect to them. There is always an option for all the competitors and helpers to stay in one place, either camping or hotel, and food is organised as well. The young people tell us overwhelmingly they come to the NSSA to take part with their friends. The socialising and making new friends is very important to them.


The NSSA is not just for schools! We have members and teams from all kinds of organisations, including schools, youth organisations, sailing clubs and projects, and uniform groups.


To get involved, simply start by joining the NSSA. Groups can join for £20 a year. Then take a look at our event calendar and decide which events you want to take part in. Get some sailors together, and nominate a team manager. A team manager can be a member of staff, a volunteer, parent or carer—anyone who is happy to come to the event. Get the sailors to join the NSSA as individuals for £5 a year, and come along!


Bringing a team to one of our events can be a challenging but rewarding experience:

A fulfilling and exciting role in which you will see many sailors develop over a period of years. It only takes about a week to make up for the lack of sleep after an event (!), but the photographs and memories more than make up for that. Michael and I have been doing this since 2004 and have enjoyed spending those weeks with so many great young people, wonderful volunteers and visiting some great venues. It has definitely been worth it.

Diana Thompson - West Sussex Team Manager


If you have any questions, or are interested in bringing a team to one of our events, then feel free to use the contact page to get in touch!